Dana Bullock was born in the state of Kansas and has lived there ever since – raised and spending a majority of her life in the southwestern part of the state. She is a wife, home-schooling mother and has worked successfully as a local Mountain Man distributor since October 2013, covering seven counties in southwestern Kansas.

Dana attributes her local success to the Mountain Man company itself – a family owned and operated business, providing a wide variety of fresh, delicious snacks for just about anyone’s tastes and nutritional needs – from yummy chocolates and candies to wholesome, nutritious and even gluten-free foods.

She also credits her success to her valued customers, and thus follows through with the motto – “The customer always comes first.” She goes the extra mile to provide excellent service, and strives to add a personal touch to each and every customer’s needs. Through her customer relationships, Dana has become known as “The Mountain Man Lady,” and has carried that reputation into the internet community, including the name of her website!

With Dana’s experience and success, she is constantly coming up with new creative ideas to provide her customers with not only delicious snacks that they love, but also providing customized products and seasonal gifts – including ideas for Christmas holiday gift-giving, Easter, Halloween – in short, just the right gift for any holiday or occasion.

Here on this website, she also strives to provide unique and creative ideas to her valued online customers – carrying the “Mountain Man Lady” tradition forward into the future of the internet.

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6565 N. Towns Rd.
Garden City, KS 67846


(620) 272-6982




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